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Suggested Readings for the Fall 2016 Marxism Day Schools

Below are the suggested readings for the Fall 2016 Marxism Day Schools that will be hosted regionally in cities across the United States. The readings are listed by session (for example, the first set of readings are for the final meeting of the day schools—the “Evening Plenary”—where we will be discussing what’s next for the left after the 2016 election). For more information about how to attend and to find a day school near you, visit this page

Evening Plenary: What next after the Clinton/Trump election 

Lance Selfa and Alan Maass, “Is Their Party Over?

Josh On, “The Party Platform they Won’t Stand On.”

Socialist Worker Editorial, “Can You Vote for What You Want in 2016?

Book: Lance Selfa’s The Democrats: A Critical History (Haymarket Books).


Book cover of Ian Birchall’s Bailing Out the System: Reformist Socialism in Western Europe, 1944-1985Reform or Revolution: Can capitalism evolve toward Socialism?

Sharon Smith, “Can Capitalism Evolve Toward Socialism?

Paul D’Amato, “Reform struggles and the Road to Revolution

Rosa Luxemburg’s Reform or Revolution (available in an anthrology with Luxemburg's The Mass Strike, through Haymarket books), or you can read it online.


Why the working class can change the world

Hal Draper, “Why the working class.”

Lenin, “On Strikes.”

Kyle Brown, “Can the working class still change the world?

Kim Moody, “Why the industrial working class still matters.”

Kim Moody, “The state of American Labor.”

Books: Kim Moody’s In Solidarity, and Sharon Smith’s Subterranean Fire: A History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States.


The enduring legacy of the Russian Revolution

Socialist Worker article series on the Russian Revolution.

Leon Trotsky, “In Defense of October.”

Chris Harman, “How the Revolution was Lost.”

BookRussia: From Workers’ State to State Capitalism (Haymarket books); 


The politics of socialism from below

Dan Swain, “Socialism Still Comes from Below.”

Hal Draper, “The Two Souls of Socialism.”

Hal Draper, “The Principal of Self-emancipation in Marx and Engels.”

Book: Hal Draper’s Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution, Vol. 2: The Politics of Social Classes.


Lenin: myth and reality

Paul Le Blanc, “Introduction to Lenin and Leninism

Phil Gasper, “What do we mean by Leninism?

Paul D’Amato, “The Myth of Lenin’s Elitism.”

Leon Trotsky, “Stalinism and Bolshevism.”

Books: Paul Le Blanc’s Unfinished LeninismLenin and the Revolutionary Party (Haymarket Books).


Towards a revolutionary socialist party

Ahmed Shawki, “What kind of party do we need?

Duncan Hallas, “Towards a revolutionary socialist Party.”

Book: Party and Class (Haymarket books)


Race, Class, and Capitalism

Socialist Worker series: “Socialism and Black Liberation.”

Books: Ahmed Shawki, Black Liberation and Socialism, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, From #Black Lives Matter to Black Liberation (both available from Haymarket Books).

Book: Manning Marable’s How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America (Haymarket Books).


Book cover of Carl Schorske’s German Social Democracy: 1905-1917: The Development of the Great Schism.
Book cover of Carl Schorske’s German Social Democracy: 1905-1917: The Development of the Great Schism.
Bailing out the system: The rise and decline of social democracy

Carl Schorske, German Social Democracy: 1905-1917: The Development of the Great SchismChapter One.

Pierre Broué, The German Revolution, Chapter Two.

Marcel Leibman, “Reformism yesterday and Social Democracy Today.”

Gasper and Zimmer, “Socialism: you mean like Sweden?

Book: Ian Birchall’s Bailing out the System: Reformist Socialism in Western Europe, 1944-1985.


Marxism and Women’s liberation

Sharon Smith, “Women’s liberation: The Marxist Tradition.”

Sharon Smith, “Theorizing women’s Oppression.”

Book: Sharon Smith’s newly revised Women and Socialism: Class, Race, and Capital (Haymarket books).