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Downloadable forms

ISO Membership Cards for 2017

Attached is our 2017 ISO membership cards for use by branches for annual renewal and signing up new members. One part of each card is retained by members and the other is submitted to the national orgnaization through your branch organizer.

ISR special subscription offer—free book for new subscribers!

Encourage branch members, allies, and friends to support the next 100 issues of International Socialist Review. Print out the flyer and feature at book tables, study groups, and events. New subscription will begin with ISR 100 ( click here to read the editorial for the 100th issue). Offer expires May 15. Questions? Email .

ISR is partnering with Haymarket Books to offer a free book with NEW subscriptions. Choose one of these classic titles that every socialist should have:

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. This beautifully organized edition, fully annotated by Phil Gasper, is complete with historical references and explication, additional related texts and a thorough glossary, bringing the Manifesto to life for today’s readers.


State and Revolution by V. I. Lenin

This new edition features an introduction and explanatory annotations by Todd Chretien that place Lenin’s work in its historical context. Chretien provides insight into some of the book’s most controversial points, many of which are still being debated in movements today, from the Arab Spring revolutions to upheavals in Greece and Venezuela, to the fight against mass incarceration in the United States.

2016 ISO Membership Cards

Local branches of the ISO print out these cards and use them to track official membership (both for new recruits and to renew the membership for existing members each year). When you're ready to join, this is what you'll receive so you can be a "card-carrying member" of the ISO.

Dues autopay form

All members of the ISO pay dues to finance the organization . The best way to pay is to have the dues deducted automatically every month directly from a bank account. This form enables members to start, modify, or stop these automatic dues payments.

ISO signup sheet

Signup sheet for people interested in finding out more about the ISO. Fields for name, phone and email, with a box to check if they want to be added to the SW and local email list.