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The following sections provide information on how to carry out various organizing tasks: planning and facilitating meetings, public speaking, and writing in Socialist Worker newspaper.

How to organize a public meeting

1. Find a location: Aim for a room that you can fill safely. Better a packed small room than a half-empty auditorium!

2. The flyer is important: For postering (be sure to find out the rules regarding legal posting in your locality), and to hand out at public tablings, events, rallies, etc. Make the flyer large and easy to read from across the street. Also, make it interesting! The text should be short (a few sentences are good) and attempt to provoke questions and interest in the topic rather than explaining the whole issue. That's what the meeting is for. Too many words only take...Read more

How to chair a public meeting

Starting the meeting:

Remember that the chairperson is the first to speak. The impression you create is important. The key point is to appear confident and welcoming (after all, we should make it clear that we are pleased to see all attendees).

If you are not very confident, it is better to write out your opening remarks. These remarks are not just a formality they should get the attention of the audience and prepare the way for the speaker.

You should have a conversation with the speaker beforehand and make sure that you are on the same page about the title of the talk...Read more

How to chair an ISO branch meeting

In a branch meeting, the role of the chairperson is also absolutely vital. The chair can make the difference between brisk and pleasant meetings where people leave feeling that they have done something useful, and the opposite. To achieve a desirable end, chairpersons need the same skills as for a public meeting, but they also need knowledge of the rudiments of procedure.

The agenda: Every organizing meeting, however small, needs an agenda. An agenda is simply a list of the items of business, the order in which they will be discussed and suggested time limits for each item (branch...Read more

How to become an effective public speaker

Composing your speech:

Writing a speech is not the same as writing an article. No ironclad rule dictates how you should prepare your speech. The only goal is to make sure you are prepared to talk to your audience in a manner that is easily understandable. One useful method of structuring a talk is the "topic method." The speech is broken down into a series of smaller topics or sections in outline form, and each section is a miniature speech in itself, which can be written and learned separately.

It is easier to keep this list of topics in mind, and have them written down as...Read more

How to write for Socialist Worker

We don't want the articles published in Socialist Worker to fit into a single mold, so they sound like they are all written by the same person. But there are some basic ingredients in all good stories, and some common mistakes that are important to avoid. Here are a few suggestions that may help comrades planning to write an article for the website or paper:

o Remember that you're telling a story to a few people who may know the background to a protest or a political argument, but a lot of people who don't. So be sure to lay out...Read more