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Striking for the city we deserve

Gala M. Pierce reports from Chicago on the April 1 day of action that brought together public school teachers with thousands of Chicagoans to challenge the austerity agenda.

The streets of Chicago were painted union red once again on April 1 as public school teachers, public-sector unionists, parents and students, and community members participated in a day of action to protest the austerity policies inflicted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.Read more

ISO public meetings in April

How Can We Stop Trump?

Every month, ISO branches across the U.S. host public meetings around important political questions. This month, the ISO will have meetings on how we can organize to stop Donald Trump , as well as how we can get from a moment in which “socialism is in the air,” to a well-organized socialist movement. We're also hosting meetings as part of several speaking tours: the Toward Justice: The Black/Palestine Solidarity Tour ; a tour for Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor's book, From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation ; and a tour for Sharon Smith's book, Women and Socialism: Class, Race, and Capital . Below is a list of ISO meetings that will take place throughout the month of April.Read more

April issue of Socialist Worker out now

The April 2016 issue of Socialist Worker and the new issue of Obrero Socialista have arrived in ISO branches. The front-page headline of SW is “Trump and the system that spawned him.” It refers readers inside the paper to several articles on Election 2016, including “Who will be the lesser evil in 2016?” "Free trade, nationalism and the 2016 election” and "A comprehensive lie to immigrants."

The Chicago Teachers Union struggle, including organizing for the April 1 strike day, is featured on the back page. Other features in this issue include a look...Read more

Register for Socialism 2016

Image of a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Every year the Socialism Conference brings together over 1,500 activists and organizers from across the United States and beyond for four days of socialist politics, debate, and entertainment. Socialism 2016 will feature meetings on topics such as: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation; Can America go socialist?; Trump and the rise of right wing populism; It’s their party: Can the Democratic Party be used by the left?—and many more. You can listen to recordings of meetings from last year’s conference for a sense of what to expect at .

Local branches of the International Socialist Organization will be organizing to bring attendees to Socialism 2016 from all around the country. If you have questions or are interested in attending you should get in touch with your local branch for information about how to get involved in the organizing. The conference website also includes publicity materials that you can use to organize to bring other people to the conference from your area.Read more

100 issues of the International Socialist Review

Image of the front cover of the 100th Issue of the International Socialist Review

We are pleased to reprint the opening editorial of the hundreth issue of the International Socialist Review , a publication of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC), which came out just short of the publication’s twentieth anniversary. For a limited time, the ISR is offering a free book to all new subscribers to the journal.

The ISR began in 1997 as a quarterly magazine, moved to a bimonthly in 2000, and in 2013 was relaunched as a quarterly journal. Its first editorial announced our intention to “arm a new generation of Marxists with the lessons of past struggles as well as the theoretical means to tackle new ones.” The editorial introducing the quarterly stated that it intended to publish “theoretical and analytical pieces to take up important questions facing the Left in today’s radically changing world.” We remain committed to that goal.Read more

March issue of Socialist Worker out now

March 2016 Socialist worker front page

The March 2016 issue of Socialist Worker has arrived in ISO branches. The front-page headline is "Socialism: Getting from a moment to a movement." It refers readers inside the paper to several articles on Election 2016, Bernie Sanders and the opening for socialist ideas, including a roundtable with Alan Maass and Bhaskar Sunkara on "Can America Go Socialist?" "The Democrats Versus Democracy," "Fear and Loathing on the Trump Trail," and "What Would Socialism Look Like?" among others.

Other features in this issue include "How Can the Chicago Teachers Win?" "The...Read more

ISO public meetings in March

Socialism is in the Air

March 1, 2016 Boston, MA: A Super Tuesday Viewing Party with the Socialists Super Tuesday, 7pm, Doyle's Cafe, 3484 Washington St, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130 Hosted by the Boston branch of the International Socialist Organization.

DePaul University—Chicago, IL: The Battle on Belden —The DePaul Socialists debate the DePaul College Democrats and the DePaul College Republicans. Super Tuesday, 7pm, 2320 N....Read more

A Reader’s Guide to Socialism in the United States

Picture of Eugene Debs

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is helping to revive the ideas of socialism in the United States. In fact, there is a rich history of working class, radical, and socialist struggle in this country that most of us never get to hear about. The last time an open socialist ran for President of the United States and got a mass audience was in 1920 when Eugene Debs ran from prison and got a million votes.Read more

February issue of Socialist Worker out now!

February 2016 Socialist Worker cover

The print issue of the February 2016 Socialist Worker has arrived. The front page feature is "Socialism in the air: The revolt against politics as usual" and refers readers inside to coverage of the 2016 elections. This cover should start conversations about what the popularity of Sanders campaign means and the opening for socialist ideas. Inside, Election 2016 articles include: "Is the status quo cracking up?" "The frantic push to smear the socialist," "The Clintons' shameless record on racism" and more.

On the back page is "Deporter-in-chief snatches refugee children,"...Read more

Flint refuses to be poisoned

Flint residents demand action over the poisoning of their water -- January 2016

Flint, Michigan, a city of some 100,000 people, is being poisoned.

In April 2014, the Michigan state government forced Flint to change its water supply from Lake Huron, which had served the city for half a century, to the Flint River. The water in the river is corrosive enough to cause the lead in city pipes to seep into the water supply, and out through the taps. Read more at Socialist Worker .