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November issue of Socialist Worker out now

November 2017 front page
The November issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover headline is “We won't stand for injustice.” Featured inside is Jen Roesch's feature on "The silence is broken" about the #MeToo response to sexual assault, plus an SW roundtable of contributors on "Taking a knee to stand with the struggle, featuring Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Dave Zirin, Jesse Hagopian, Rory Fanning and Elizabeth Terzakis. This issue's themes are summed up with an editorial on "From breaking the silence to building the resistance." 

Coverage of the nightmare in Puerto Rico is featured on the back page, as well as special section in inside on "The debt that is drowning Puerto Rico" and "The tale of Puerto Rico's two disasters."

Other features include author Danny Katch on the one-year anniversary of Trump's election, coverage of the California wildfires, the Milk with Dignity campaign's victory in Vermont, a commentary on the violence in Las Vegas, and the latest installment of SW’s series on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and more. 

You can read the articles in the current issue at the website. If you would like to order a subscription, you can find out how at the SW website. You can also download a full-size pdf of the front page here.