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Building a Socialist Left Under Trump

Socialists march against Trump in Washington, D.C, during the January 2017 Women’s March

Meeting day/time: Friday, January 27, 2017—7:30-10pm EST Meeting location: Verso Books office, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1010, Brooklyn, New York 11201

As Trump enters the White House millions of people are looking for a way to fight back against what is sure to be an all-out assault on the rights of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and the working class as a whole. Our effectiveness in the struggle ahead requires clear strategy and tactics and a commitment to work together to cohere a strong socialist pole of attraction within the emerging movements against oppression and austerity.

Following the historic national mass mobilizations taking place during the inauguration weekend, the Democratic Socialists of America, the International Socialist Organization, and Solidarity invite you to join us for a comradely discussion and debate on the next steps for socialists in the Trump era.

RSVP on Facebook today—and please share widely!

Meeting speakers include:

Charlie Post , a longtime socialist activist and an activist in the staff union at CUNY Jen Roesch , organizer in the International Socialist Organization and frequent contributor to Socialist Worker, the International Socialist Review and Jacobin Magazine Bhaskar Sunkara , vice chair of the Democratic Socialists of America and editor of Jacobin Magazine

Our host, Verso Books, is generously providing a professional livestream of this event. You can watch it at their Facebook page at 7:30pm EST on Friday. We will accommodate as many people onsite as possible (with doors opening at 7pm) and are working to find a local bar with projection capability that can be an overflow space.

Sponsored by: the Democratic Socialists of America, the International Socialist Organization, and Solidarity Hosted by: Verso BooksRead more

January issue of Socialist Worker out now

January 2017 front page

The January issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW 's anti-inauguration coverage, and in the center of the paper, there's a two-sided pullout poster, with "Solidarity Trumps Hate" on one side and a graphic look inside the brain of Donald Trump on the other. The posters are perfect for windows, or putting up on your dorm room door or workplace cubicle wall or anywhere else you want to show your contempt for Trump.

Our anti-inauguration coverage features an editorial on what’s...Read more

How the water protectors won at Standing Rock

Celebrating DAPL victory in Standing Rock, December 4, 2016

The thousands of water protectors and their supporters camping by the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation scored a major victory on Sunday, December 4, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it wouldn't grant a permit to builders of the planned Dakota Access Pipeline to drill under the Missouri River.

The announcement, a significant milestone in the effort to compel the government to recognize Native sovereignty over tribal lands, came one day before a deadline given to protesters to clear out of the camps they had constructed to oppose construction of the pipeline. Throughout the previous week, thousands of people had arrived to protect the camp from any attempt by law enforcement to uproot it.

Questions remain about what will happen next. The Army Corps has said it will consider an alternative route, and President-elect Donald Trump favors completion of the pipeline project. But for now, the pipeline is stopped, giving protesters time to continue their organizing efforts.

Here, we publish eyewitness accounts by contributors to from New York City—Leia Petty, Edna Bonhomme, Emily Brooks, Sumaya Awad and Dorian Bon—who traveled to North Dakota for this weekend to show solidarity with the #NoDAPL struggle.Read more

December issue of Socialist Worker out now

December 2016 front page

The December issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW 's coverage of the outcome of the 2016 election, featuring articles on: “The hate won’t go unchallenged,” an ISO statement on “The election of Trump and the struggle ahead,” “Now’s the time for socialist organization,” an interview with Lance Selfa on “Who’s to blame for Trump’s victory?” “How did this vile sexist win?” and more.

The back page on “We’ll make campuses safe for immigrants” describes organizing for sanctuary...Read more

Attend a meeting of the International Socialist Organization

Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017

Join the International Socialist Organization at an upcoming branch meeting to discuss what’s next after the Trump inauguration.

If you are not near a branch and would like bring an ISO speaker to your campus, please send us a message through our online contact form and an organizer will get in touch with you to talk about setting up a meeting.

Making America Protest Again: Socialist Strategy for Fighting Trump — Wednesday, March 1, 6:30pm, Chicago Socialists

DePaul University Loop Campus, DePaul Center, 1 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60604. RSVP on Facebook !

The Socialist History of International Women’s Day — Wednesday, March 1, 7pm, Queens ISO

Queens Pride House, 76-11 37th Ave, 2nd Floor, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, New York. E / F / R/ M & 7 trains to 74th St / Roosevelt Avenue. RSVP on Facebook and email us at for more information!Read more

And we need organization and politics to win

For that, we need politics and organization. To resist attacks by the ruling class, its two political parties, and the American state in the years ahead, we will need to mobilize as many people as possible to stand together in solidarity against the bigotry and violence they will use to attempt to divide us. We think a key part of that fight is building permanent organizations to defending the vital interests of the working class and oppressed, including an independent organization of dedicated...Read more

We need to build movements

The Democrats’ role as custodians of an increasingly intolerable status quo and their policies to undercut the remnants of the New Deal and Great Society programs, alongside their support for expansive wars of aggressition and mass incarceration, helped set the stage for the disaster result in the U.S. presidential election. As we saw during the whole election season—and as has been confirmed by Clinton and Obama's call for unity with Trump in its aftermath—we...Read more

We need to study

We need to study, educate, and train ourselves. How did Trump win? How can we fight the Right? What can we learn from the successess and setbacks of past movements in order to build the widest possible movement to defend all those who will come under increasing attack during Trump’s presidency? What can be done to build a socialist movement today?

Here are some resources to get you started:

Socialist Worker’s Election 2016 Supplement: “ Don’t let this creep have his way ” (downloadable PDF)

To help understand the results of the election, we’ve produced a special, post-election supplement of Socialist Worker with coverage about what happened and who is ( and isn’t ) to blame for Trump’s impending rise to power.

SW Editorial , “ How could this monster win?

ISO Statement , “ The election of Trump and the struggle ahead

SW Roundtable , “ The resistance starts now

You should also read Socialist Worker’s pre-election issue and subscribe to the electronic and print editions for on-going coverage of fallout of Election 2016 and the fight against Trump and the system who spawned him .

What's next after the Trump election ” perspectives video

Across the United States, the International Socialist Organization is hosting a series of Fall Marxism Day Schools (there are ones in Austin TX, Columbus, OH, and San Diego, CA this Saturday, November 19th). The evening meetings at each day school—which have been attended by hundreds of people across the country— were on the topic “What’s next after the Trump election?” Click here to view a recording of the presentation ISO member Jennifer Roesch gave at the NYC Marxism Day School, which held at Columbia University.

Arm yourself to fight the Right with the International Socialist Review

In order to help arm activists with the ideas they need to fight the Right in the coming period, our partners at the International Socialist Review —a quarterly journal of Marxist theory—are offering a 50% discount on all new subscriptions ! That's $14.50 for a 1-year subscription, $29 for a 2-year subscription, or $49 for the whole next four years (the obvious choice). Add the subscription you want to your cart and then use coupon code “FTR 2016” at checkout. If you have any questions or difficulties, just email . For a glimpse at the kind of analysis you’ll get with your subscription, read Lance Selfa’s “ From "political revolution" to lesser-evilism ” and Neil Davidson’s “ After Brexit: Will the European Union crack up? Read more

How could this monster win?

An endless, miserable presidential campaign is over—with the most miserable result imaginable. Donald Trump’s victory exposes how decrepit the U.S. political system has become after decades of two-party oligarchical rule. This is a man with ties to the racist far right, a pathological narcissist who entered the race intending to boost his media brand, and who horrifies and disgusts not just millions of working people, but a majority of the American ruling class. And still he won the election for president of the United States. What a testimonial for the “world’s greatest democracy.”Read more

Building Solidarity with Standing Rock

Stand with Standing Rock placard
Energy Transfers Partners is racing to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline. DAPL aims to complete as much of the pipeline as possible before their permits expire at the end of the year and the depth of winter comes. But no permitting has yet been issued to cross under the Missouri river at Lake Oahe in North Dakota and this has become a pressure point for the struggle. Last week, water protectors set up a new encampment, the 1851 Treaty Camp, right in the pipeline’s path to block construction. The level of repression that was unleashed on water protectors, and protestors, has been unheard of since the Occupy movement was crushed and the National Guard and police attacked Black Lives Matter protestors in Baltimore and Ferguson. In fact the level of violence has been much more extreme. Over 300 police officers in riot gear, 8 ATVs, 5 armored vehicles, 2 helicopters, and numerous military-grade humvees showed up to crush the resistance as they pushed them back to the main camps. 40 people were injured as crowd control sound drives, bean bags, rubber bullets, and batons were used against Native Americans and others in solidarity who are just trying to insure safe drinking water for future generations. The police and national guard showed their true colors in protecting oil corporations and not ordinary people. Some 141 people were arrested last week alone, 43 of them with felony charges. In the last couple weeks, hundreds of protectors have been arrested. Given the escalating level of repression and the resistance of water protectors, solidarity with Standing Rock also continues to grow! Below are ways you can help build solidarity with these efforts.Read more