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Right wing gains confidence, but the resistance continues

Over the past few months, a bewildering set of events have occurred, including the ISIS attacks on Paris, Beirut, Mali and Tunisia; the incredible crackdown across Europe against refugees and climate protesters; an escalation of the war in Syria (the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey, British and German votes to attack ISIS in Syria, etc.); the shootings at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protest, and at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino; a spate of hate crimes on campuses as well as the solidarity actions with Mizzou.

Meanwhile, Trump and the Republican governors have helped galvanize a reactionary backlash among a significant section of the population against refugees and immigrants—but not without important solidarity actions taking place in Boston, Portland (both Oregon and Maine), Austin and other cities. And protests and the video of Laquan McDonald’s murder by the Chicago Police Department have led to the highest profile-police resignation yet in the BLM movement. Alongside these developments, Hillary Clinton is consolidating her lead in the Democratic polls and liberal voices are already beginning the lesser-evil argument that Bernie supporters must line up behind her or risk handing the election to the Republicans.

In the present context, it is crucial to not focus so much attention on the growing confidence of the right wing that we lose sight of the left-wing resistance to these attacks. Socialist and other progressive activists across the country have responded by initiating and joining protests, including in Boston (in defense of refugees), Chicago (anti-police brutality protests), and Oakland (climate change), among others. Read more at Socialist Worker.