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And we need organization and politics to win

New York City Marxism Day School, November 2016For that, we need politics and organization. To resist attacks by the ruling class, its two political parties, and the American state in the years ahead, we will need to mobilize as many people as possible to stand together in solidarity against the bigotry and violence they will use to attempt to divide us. We think a key part of that fight is building permanent organizations to defending the vital interests of the working class and oppressed, including an independent organization of dedicated, principled socialists, rooted in workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods that, in fighting today's struggles, also wins larger numbers to socialism.

The ISO is contributing to that goal. We are building a socialist alternative in a world of poverty, oppression, and war. Our organization participates in many different struggles for justice and liberation today, while working toward a future socialist society, free of all exploitation and oppression, and built on the principles of solidarity and democracy.

Some great first steps for getting involved include:

  • Joining our mailing list in the right-hand sidebar of the frontpage of this website;
  • Signing up for Daily News from
  • Contacting a local branch of the ISO to find out upcoming meetings, organizing activities, and demosntrations you can attend (scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of branches);
  • Reading through our Where We Stand document, which outlines the basic politics of the ISO; our series of What We Do articles, which detail the various areas of our organizing; and The Meaning of Marxism, by Paul D’Amato, which goes through the politics of international socialism at length; and
  • Reading through some of our organizers’ pamphlets, like the Members’ Toolkit, the New Members’ Study Packet, and the Campus Toolkit for student organizers. These detail our theory of organization and the logistics of how we run our organization (and why we do things certain ways). To whet your appetite, check out the following articles from the New Members’ Study Packet (they’re all short), which explain how we use Socialist Worker newspaper to build the “scaffolding” of revolutionary socialist organization. This is essential for new branches!
    • “Why We Need to Build a “Vanguard” Party” by Paul D’Amato (p. 22)
    • “Why We Sell Socialist Worker Newspaper” by Nicole Colson (pp. 27-28)
    • “Speaking for the Oppressed” by Lee Sustar (pp. 29-30)
    • “Lenin and the Socialist Paper” by Paul D'Amato (pp. 31-32)
  • If you find the arguments convincing, contact us to find out how you can use the paper as an organizing tool on your campus, at your workplace, or in your community.

We’re socialists, and we’re recruiting. We need you as much as you need us—and we’ll be stronger together than we are apart. Join us.

Find a local branch near you

We are a U.S. organization with branches and members in about 40 cities and connections to other socialists around the world. Contact us today to get involved. If there isn’t an ISO branch near you and would like more information about joining the organization and building one, please get in touch for more information.

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