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December issue of Socialist Worker out now

December 2016 front page
The December issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW's coverage of the outcome of the 2016 election, featuring articles on: “The hate won’t go unchallenged,” an ISO statement on “The election of Trump and the struggle ahead,” “Now’s the time for socialist organization,” an interview with Lance Selfa on “Who’s to blame for Trump’s victory?” “How did this vile sexist win?” and more.

The back page on “We’ll make campuses safe for immigrants” describes organizing for sanctuary campuses across the country, in addition to an article on protests in solidarity with Standing Rock. Other articles inside include “The revolutionary legacy of the Black Panthers,” "The battle lines harden in Venezuela" and more.

You can read the articles in the current issue at the website. If you would like to order a subscription, you can find out how at the SW website. You can also download a full-size pdf of the front page here.