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Financing the organization

The ISO has no other reliable source of income than its membership. For this reason, finances have to be a key priority for the entire organization, including its branches.

This, of course, requires branches to make sure that payments for dues, Socialist Worker, the ISR and other literature get sent to the national office on time.

Every branch should elect a branch treasurer, whose job is to ensure that all members are paying dues. The best (and easiest) way to get dues in regularly is to sign up all comrades for automatic dues withdrawal, so the treasurer does not need to personally collect them each month.

See the Rules and Procedures for the current sliding scale dues structure for the ISO.

Every branch should aim to become self-reliant financially, in order to fund its own local activities (meeting room costs, printing flyers, etc.). In addition, when inviting outside speakers, branches need to cover the speaker’s travel costs. There are many creative ways for branches to raise money. Some colleges have large honoraria funds available to fund speakers with academic credentials (including book authors), and ISO members on campuses should try to navigate the bureaucracy to access honoraria for invited speakers. Becoming an officially recognized student organization on your campus often brings additional benefits such as free publicity, funding for events, poster-making supplies, etc. .

Fundraising should be an ongoing aspect of every branch’s activity. Besides yard sales, car washes, parties and concerts, branches can brainstorm about new and creative ways to raise money. “Passing the hat” for donations at meetings, or having a “Change for change” jar on ISO information tables can add up.

And keep in mind that fundraising events can and should be about more than raising money. Radical film series, Socialist holiday parties (such as May Day or International Women’s Day) and other fundraisers are also political events, which can draw in not only members but allies and other activists that we work with in movements.