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Resistance and Reaction in the Age of Trump—International Socialist Review Issue #104 is now out!

Resistance and Reaction in the Age of Trump—International Socialist Review Issue #104 is now out!

Issue #104 of the International Socialist Review is now out! The ISR is offering new subscribers a 50% discount off their normal rate. Enter discount code “DUMPTRUMP” at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Below we are publishing the new issue’s editorial—“Resistance and reaction in the age of Trump.” Visit the ISR’s website today to subscribe and view other newly released articles.

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Resistance and Reaction in the Age of Trump

US politics in the past months has experienced, to quote the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, “an abrupt turn in the objective situation.”

Very few of us on the left expected that the next president of the United States would be a corrupt, narcissistic billionaire swindler, an open sexist and self-confessed serial abuser, and a man the Far Right hails for his open racism and nationalist xenophobia. Donald Trump successfully positioned himself as a right-wing populist, anti-establishment candidate who would tear up free trade, deport immigrant “job-stealers,” and restore good jobs for “real” Americans.Read more

ISR 102 now out—buy it, read it, sell it

Front Cover of ISR Issue 102
This issue of the ISR comes out at a time of political, social, and economic volatility throughout the world: civil war and sectarian violence in the Middle East, social and political polarization in Europe, a contentious election in the United States along with renewed activism around the Black Lives Matter movement, and the growing global threat of renewed economic recession, to mention only some. This issue examines three aspects of these multiple crises—the economic crisis, the Middle East turmoil, and the US elections.

Lee Sustar and Joel Geier examine what has happened to the world economy since the 2007-09 Great Recession and discuss the forces at play that are leading the world into a renewed period of crisis after only just emerging from the last one, despite trillions of dollars of stimulus. As the authors write, “It is a looming crisis that classical Marxist economic theorists would recognize: breakneck competition to build the most technologically competitive factories, a flood of credit to finance the scramble for profits, followed by drop in profits as ever-greater investments yield proportionately smaller returns as too many goods are produced to be sold at a profit.”Read more

New ISR Issue #101 out now!

International Socialist Review, Issue #101
The summer issue of the International Socialist Review is out. Lance Selfa’s “ Socialism in the Air ” discusses the dramatic shift in U.S. politics that has rendered “socialism” no longer taboo, using it as an opportunity to discuss the meaning of socialism from below. “If a substantial section of a new generation is open to the ideas of socialism,” he writes, “the question of organization—whether we need one, and what forms it can take—poses many challenges and, of course, many opportunities.” Jen Roesch’s feature-length review of John Riddell’s new volume on the Communist International’s Third Congress, “ Majorities, minorities, and revolutionary tactics ” focuses in particularly on the debate over the abortive 1921 March Action. “This most recent volume is particularly useful,” she writes, “because the Third Congress marked a critical turning point—a transition from the first years of the revolutionary storm, when everyone expected rapid revolutionary successes following the Russian example—to a recognition that the struggle would be protracted and require a much more developed understanding of strategy and tactics.”Read more

100 issues of the International Socialist Review

Image of the front cover of the 100th Issue of the International Socialist Review

We are pleased to reprint the opening editorial of the hundreth issue of the International Socialist Review , a publication of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC), which came out just short of the publication’s twentieth anniversary. For a limited time, the ISR is offering a free book to all new subscribers to the journal.

The ISR began in 1997 as a quarterly magazine, moved to a bimonthly in 2000, and in 2013 was relaunched as a quarterly journal. Its first editorial announced our intention to “arm a new generation of Marxists with the lessons of past struggles as well as the theoretical means to tackle new ones.” The editorial introducing the quarterly stated that it intended to publish “theoretical and analytical pieces to take up important questions facing the Left in today’s radically changing world.” We remain committed to that goal.Read more