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January 2017 front page

March 30 No Ban! No Wall! The Socialist Case for a World Without Borders — Loyola University

6:30pm-8:30pm Dumbach 227, Loyola University Chicago RSVP on Facebook Join the Loyola Socialists for a public forum and discussion on the politics of immigration.

Trump's War on the Working Class: Healthcare, Cuts, Austerity — Columbia University

8pm-10pm Barnard College / Columbia University New York, NY 10031 ...Read more

Building a Socialist Left Under Trump

Socialists march against Trump in Washington, D.C, during the January 2017 Women’s March

Meeting day/time: Friday, January 27, 2017—7:30-10pm EST Meeting location: Verso Books office, 20 Jay Street, Suite 1010, Brooklyn, New York 11201

As Trump enters the White House millions of people are looking for a way to fight back against what is sure to be an all-out assault on the rights of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and the working class as a whole. Our effectiveness in the struggle ahead requires clear strategy and tactics and a commitment to work together to cohere a strong socialist pole of attraction within the emerging movements against oppression and austerity.

Following the historic national mass mobilizations taking place during the inauguration weekend, the Democratic Socialists of America, the International Socialist Organization, and Solidarity invite you to join us for a comradely discussion and debate on the next steps for socialists in the Trump era.

RSVP on Facebook today—and please share widely!

Meeting speakers include:

Charlie Post , a longtime socialist activist and an activist in the staff union at CUNY Jen Roesch , organizer in the International Socialist Organization and frequent contributor to Socialist Worker, the International Socialist Review and Jacobin Magazine Bhaskar Sunkara , vice chair of the Democratic Socialists of America and editor of Jacobin Magazine

Our host, Verso Books, is generously providing a professional livestream of this event. You can watch it at their Facebook page at 7:30pm EST on Friday. We will accommodate as many people onsite as possible (with doors opening at 7pm) and are working to find a local bar with projection capability that can be an overflow space.

Sponsored by: the Democratic Socialists of America, the International Socialist Organization, and Solidarity Hosted by: Verso BooksRead more