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Socialism Conference

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Image of a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

Every year the Socialism Conference brings together over 1,500 activists and organizers from across the United States and beyond for four days of socialist politics, debate, and entertainment. Socialism 2016 will feature meetings on topics such as: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation; Can America go socialist?; Trump and the rise of right wing populism; It’s their party: Can the Democratic Party be used by the left?—and many more. You can listen to recordings of meetings from last year’s conference for a sense of what to expect at .

Local branches of the International Socialist Organization will be organizing to bring attendees to Socialism 2016 from all around the country. If you have questions or are interested in attending you should get in touch with your local branch for information about how to get involved in the organizing. The conference website also includes publicity materials that you can use to organize to bring other people to the conference from your area.Read more