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Socialism 101 Day School - May 21 - Twin Cities

Cosponsored by ISO Twin Cities and the Twin Cities Jacobin Club
Sunday, May 21, 2-5pm
Merriam Park Library (1831 Marshall Ave, St Paul, MN 55104)
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Join us for an afternoon of discussion and debate!

Sessions will include:

  1. Capitalism: How it works, How it doesn't
  2. How do we win: Socialism From Below

Capitalism is killing the planet. With destruction of the biosphere approaching an irreversible tipping point, business continues to undermine real environmental reform. Anything that restricts profits is steamrolled. Instead of a restructured economy based on alternative energy sources, capitalism is pushing for a continued reliance on the fossil fuels. Why? Because it’s cheaper in the short-term. And under capitalism, nothing matters except the short-term.

Billions of people lead stultified, miserable lives, not because they are lazy or stupid, but due to capitalism’s drive for the cheap labor, resource extraction and control of markets.

Education is no longer a right, but a business, as is health care and certainly warfare. Everything driven by the market.

In times of crisis, scapegoats are blamed for the ills of society, rather than the captialists and politicians at the helm. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and particularly Islamophobia are spewed by the likes of the Tea Party, and dutifully repeated by a compliant media.

So how do we organize against this? Can capitalism be overthrown? Is socialism possible?

We believe that socialism from below can end the rule of the bankers, but it will require a complete social and economic transformation, carried out by the working class. It cannot be done in the name of the working class by a tiny group, nor can it be elected into existence. This is the revolutionary tradition of Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin and Trotsky–scientific socialism.

Of course, the people with the upper hand will stop at nothing to smear socialism: Lenin produced Stalin and Mao, and/or socialism is contrary to human nature. Working class people aren’t capable, blah, blah, blah.

If you have ever wondered about socialism and/or the ISO, this meeting is for you. We will lay out the case for socialism then open up the floor for questions, discussion and debate.

Please join us. There is a world to win.