Education Justice

Every child in every neighborhood has the right to free, quality public education. But in the name of “reform,” corporations and privatization advocates are attacking public schools and teachers unions in an effort to turn these public resources into opportunities to turn private profits. The end result of these “reform” efforts is the further starving of the public school system, including teachers layoffs; ballooning classroom sizes; the proliferation of high-stakes standardized testing; and the elimination or underfunding of school librarians, art teachers, counselors, nurses and therapists.

We aim to support and join any and all movements to demand education justice for students, teachers and parents. When these groups stand together, it’s possible to win over whole communities to defending public schooling and teachers unions in the face of cuts and austerity imposed by public-school district administrators.

We stand united with anyone and everyone in the fight to demand public schools that our students deserve!

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