Black Lives Matter at School – support the week of action!

The 2019 Black Lives Matter at School week of action is happening this week from February 4th through Friday February 8th! 

The motivation for this week of action couldn’t seem more obvious. New racist outrages in our school system continue to take place every week. In Binghamton, NY four Black Middle School girls were forcibly strip-searched, prompting sustained protest. Near New Orleans, a High School senior was severely beaten by police for ostensibly smelling like cigarettes while at school. And in New Jersey, an athlete had his dreadlocks sheared off by a White referee during a wrestling match. These racist assaults underscore the systemic inequalities in the entire education system.

This year, in an important breakthrough, the National Education Association has endorsed and is supporting the week of action. Dozens of local teachers union chapters are organizing events, and there are rallies happening in cities and towns across the country on Wednesday February 6th, as well as “walk-ins” by teachers in many locations. 

The four main demands of BLM at school are:

  • (1) End zero tolerance and establish restorative justice policies at all schools.
  • (2) Hire more black teachers! We have lost 26,000+ Black teachers since 2002 across the country due to racist austerity and charterization.
  • (3) Re-open and create ethnic studies programs.
  • (4) Fund councilors, not cops. 1.6 million kids go to schools where there is a police officer but no councilor.

It’s not too late to organize meetings or extended announcements dedicated to this struggle, and track local rallies to attend.

Read the awesome coverage of Black Lives Matter at Schools in the mainstream press! 

Check out the week of action’s website for a comprehensive list of all the ways you can support Black Lives Matter at School, whether you are a teacher or not:

Watch and share this amazing video “I Know My People Are Strong: Black Lives Matter At School”


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