Don’t miss these meetings!

The ISO is hosting public meetings across the country where you can learn and speak your mind about socialist politics—and get plugged in to the activism our branches are doing locally. 

Check out one of a series of forums on The Fight for a Socialist Future in San Diego (9/6); New Haven, CT (9/13); Boston, MA (9/13); Amherst, MA (9/14); Columbia, MO (9/19); Cincinnati, OH (9/20); Orlando, FL (10/3); New Paltz, NY (9/12); Columbia U. (9/15), and Brooklyn College (9/7) in NYC; and the campuses of DePaul (9/12), Loyola (9/6), Columbia College (9/12), and UIC (9/12) in Chicago.

You can also stop by for a meeting on What is Socialism? in Downtown Manhattan on 9/19 or Lehman College in the Bronx on 9/12. Then there’s Socialism from Below in Denton, Texas on 9/12—”from below” because socialism has to come from the bottom up, not because they’re in Texas!

In West Virginia, where the teachers’ rebellion began, our comrades are helping to put on an exciting event with author-activists Sharon Smith and Brandon Weber about the long and inspiring history of radical workers’ struggles in the supposedly conservative U.S.A. Make sure to bring your friends and coworkers to Taylor Books in Charleston, WV on 9/21
And if none of the above are close enough to you, take a look at these gatherings on The Revolutionary Newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, FL (9/6); Women and Socialism in Milwaukee (9/12); and What Will It Take to Jail Killer Cops? at the University of Chicago (9/12). 

See you there!


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