From Oakland to LA – teachers are set to strike! Let’s show them our solidarity

The United Teachers of Los Angeles have set a strike date: January 10, 2019!

Unless the bosses of the LA Unified School District and the billionaire charter-school hawks who support them dramatically change course — which seems highly unlikely — we will see a strike by 35,000 teachers in the second biggest city in the country. This would represent a major escalation of the teachers’ strike wave, the most significant strike in the Democratic urban centers of the country in many years, and an enormously impactful act of resistance to austerity and neoliberalism in the U.S.

The Oakland Education Association (OEA) in California is also preparing to strike over its demands for smaller class sizes, more student support, and a living wage. After more than 100 educators in Oakland staged a wildcat strike on December 10, they are now planning a mass rally on January 12!

For background on the upcoming strike in LA, be sure to checkout Eric Blanc’s piece at Jacobin and Michael Brown’s inspiring report at SocialistWorker on the 50,000-strong march for teachers in LA last weekend. 

The ISO is moving into action to organize strike solidarity come early January. We will be collecting donations for the strike funds; building public solidarity events and panels; hosting speakouts; drafting solidarity statements and resolutions that can be passed by unions and other organizations; hosting in-person gatherings and meetings as well as national livestreams; and more.

Please join us in extending solidarity to educators, students and their families from Los Angeles to Oakland.

Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.


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