Join the protests against detentions and deportations! Let them know: ¡Niños, no estan solos!

Protests and outrage around the country have pressured Trump to announce that he will sign an executive order ending family separations at the border, but, it seems that he is hoping to indefinitely detain entire families. While the mainstream political system has no answer to confronting this horror protest has shown another past but he fight’s not over, not by a long shot. Obviously, while this shows the strength of the popular reaction, indefinite family detention is no solution to family separation, and will not put an end neither to the protests nor the legal and legislative battles likely to result from such a move. Protests will be occurring around the country on June 30th to push back against the vile treatment of immigrants, separation of families, indefinite detention, and criminalization of people looking for a better life. No Human is Illegal!

Find a branch near you to get involved with local organizing and protests.

Read our editorial on to see what can stop the kidnapper-in-chief.

Listen to this episode of our podcast—Better Off Red—with immigrant rights activist Lupita Romero

Download this placard to put in your window or bring to a protest.


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