Keep Building a Movement in Solidarity with the Asylum Seekers!

Last week Trump’s border police fired chemical weapons into Mexico in an attack on a peaceful march of asylum seekers, many of whom are fleeing conditions in Honduras. At the same time a demonstration from the U.S. side of the border marched in solidarity. Unbowed but under fierce repression, the camp of asylum seekers in Tijuana faces continued aggression and harassment from Mexican federal police.  More caravans of refugees and asylum seekers are making their way across Mexico. This will not be the first incident of violence at the highly militarized U.S. border carried out by the cops, military, and fascist militias that patrol them.  As socialists, we say “Open the Borders” and let them all in. Now we have to keep building a solidarity movement to support and defend the right to asylum. Get involved!

Organizations in San Diego have put out a call for another mobilization at the border on January 12, 2019.  Read and share the call here.
There is also a call from Cosecha to have volunteers go to the border to bear witness and accompany people across. Sign up to go here.
Find an ISO branch near you to get involved.
Video of San Diego solidarity demonstration at the border.
Read coverage of demonstrations at here.
Read and share Justin Akers Chacón’s piece re-asserting the socialist case for open borders here.
If you are in a union, share and sign onto to the Sanctuary Caravan’s Call To Organized Labor here.
NYC demonstration at Washington Square in solidarity with the caravan on November 3rd
International Socialist Organization march to the border in San Diego


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