LA Teachers Will Strike on January 14th – Our Solidarity Will Help Them Win!

10 months after West Virginia educators launched the #redstaterebellion and on the heels of the historic victory of the Chicago Teachers Union at the Acero charter network, the modern educators revolt has put down even deeper roots, spreading to the richest state in the country.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. According to a United Teachers Los Angeles pamphlet:

“Los Angeles is ground zero for a well-funded, coordinated national attack on public education. Our public schools are being defunded and dubbed failures by those charged with protecting them, whether it’s Donald Trump and Betsy Devos or Austin Beutner and Nick Melvoin. They can not put ‘kids first’ when they put public schools last.”

UTLA members’ working conditions are students learning conditions: without fairly compensated teachers, smaller class sizes, less testing, and overall safe, well-funded schools, LA students get put last.

Currently, the bosses at the Los Angeles Unified District are taking the UTLA to court to try to prevent educators from striking for better schools. UTLA members and their allies will hit the picket lines on Monday, January 14th.

What to read:

For background on the upcoming strike in LA, be sure to check out UTLA member Gillian Russom’s report on strike preparations as well as Clare Lemlich’s sharp analysis of the attacks facing educators, support staff, students, and families. 

What you can do:

To support the members of UTLA in their fight against the bosses and school privatizers, wear #redfored at your workplace, and donate to their taco fund at:

Solidarity panels will be happening in NYC on Saturday 1/12 and in L.A. on Friday 1/18. Both will be live streamed, and we encourage supporters of the strike to share, gather, watch, discuss, and stay tuned for more solidarity actions in their locales.

If you happen to live in LA, join us on the picket line! 


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