Let Them All In! Solidarity with the Honduran caravanistas!

Right now the first thousands of asylum seekers are marching across Mexico from Honduras and some are already reaching the United States border at Tijuana.  With many more still arriving in Mexico City the stream of people fleeing the violence and economic misery of Central America will continue. In Mexico they met both the inspiring solidarity of ordinary people supporting them in their courageous journey and also disgusting attacks by the Mexican federal police. The journey has been grueling with many of the asylum seekers ill from the journey, some kidnapped, and even 3 have been killed. At the same time a caravan of Salvadorans is making its way through Chiapas.

Corporations are free to move over borders in search of greater and greater profits. The United State supports coups and despots and destabilizes nations like what occurred in Honduras in 2009. This causes untold misery for regular working class people who are not free to seek safety and better lives for themselves. The destabilizing capitalist order has created a refugee crisis around world and driving millions of people to take greater risk to flee countries scarred from the savage wreck of the world’s elites.  

Trump has responded by demonizing the caravan with vile xenophobic racism and lies. The far right is taking his belligerence as an open call to send vigilante extremists to the border. Thousands of U.S. troops are being sent to the border.

To this explosive situation we must respond with solidarity and organizing. Get involved where you are to build support for the caravan and spread the message that:

Let Them All In!
Refugees Are Welcome Here!
Open The Borders!

Spread the call to mobilize at the border and in your city here

Find your local ISO branch to get involved here.

Read more and share articles about how to support the caravan.

Listen to our recent podcast episode about the caravan and how to support at Better Off Red.

Spread this call by military veterans for active military to disobey orders to stop the caravan.

Read up about about the situation in Honduras and about the struggle for immigrant justice with these books.


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