Now is the Time to Act! Walk Out, Speak Out, Stand Up to Stop Kavanaugh!

Last Thursday in Washington, D.C., was a collision of two worlds: Their world of power and arrogant privilege ran head-on into ours — in the person of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, but with millions standing with her, determined to speak truth to power and win some measure of justice.
And this time, our world stopped them from getting their way, at least temporarily.

Now, we have just days to mobilize in every way we can to show the power of #MeToo and our world. This is no time for waiting and hoping. We have to turn up the pressure on Washington to permanently derail the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh — a miserable reactionary and sexual assaulter — to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The International Women’s Strike has called for a walkout across the country on Thursday, October 4th. The International Socialist Organization and many other political organizations have co-endorsed this call to action. Our branches will be reaching out to allies and organizing walkouts, speak outs, teach ins, marches, occupations and public meetings on college campuses and in city centers.

Watch this video of a speech given by an ISO member at a demonstration outside the Yale Club in New York City on Monday night:

Just a few examples of ISO actions against Kavanaugh:

Important articles from Socialist Worker:


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