Rally for Reproductive Justice in the Bay Area

On January 27th at 11:30 a.m., people of the Bay Area will unite to stand up for reproductive justice. We will march to drown out those taking part in the annual Walk for Life, a mass march organized by sexist, right-wing, Christian fundamentalists.

It is time to speak out against sexism in our society and take action to keep each other safe. We represent a majority, like the millions who participated in the Women’s March and are inspired by the #MeToo campaign. We hope to demonstrate that sexist bigots are unwelcome in the Bay Area, a place where women, the queer community, immigrants, and others have historically fought to defend their communities from those who would take away our agency. This year, we stand together in solidarity to confront the right wing now, so that their movement cannot make further advances. This cannot wait until November 2018 or 2020.