September issue of Socialist Worker out now!

The September issue of the print edition of Socialist Worker (and the new Obrero Socialista) are now being distributed! Find your local ISO branch and get yourself a copy to read.

The front page is “Socialism is Back: What it is and how we get there” with features inside on “How can we stop capitalism from killing the planet?” and “What do socialists mean by socialism?”

The back page features an article by Sharon Smith titled “Supreme threat to abortion rights: It’s time to fight” in response to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the SupremeCourt as well as a report from Maine on pro-choice activism there. Inside is more coverage of reproductive rights, with an editorial on “Why the bigots hate women’s rights” and an article about the “green tide” movement in Argentina.

Also inside is extended coverage of the struggle to stop the far right, including three pages of analysis and reporting from actions in Portland, Oregon, Berkeley and Washington, D.C. Also inside is Lance Selfa on “Will the Democrats catch a blue wave?” articles on Trump’s happy talk about the economy, LA teachers preparations for a potential strike, how activism won freedom for Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi and the struggle that won Pablo Villavicencio’s release from ICE detention, and more.

For a more complete list of articles in the September print edition, check the home page. We will be filling in the list of new articles (with links) in the print edition as we publish them at

The new issue of our Spanish-language newspaper Obrero Socialista is in the center of SW. Articles include: Abolish ICE, Puerto Rico: Standing against the storm of privatizations, a solidarity statement with abortion rights struggle in Argentina and “What will AMLO do with his victory?”


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