Socialism 2018, Chicago, July 5–8

Socialism 2018 is just two months away, so it’s time to start making plans to get yourself to the best socialist conference around! There will be four days of political debate, culture and hanging out with socialists and activists from across the U.S. and around the world. There will be more than 150 talks and panels, a huge selection of radical books, and performances by poets, playwrights and musicians.

Here are just a few of the talks you’ll find at this year’s conference (full list available at the S18 website): Teachers on the Move: Lessons from West Virginia and Beyond; 1968-2018: Sports and Resistance, Then and Now; Revolution and Imperialism in the Middle East: Eyewitness to the Syrian Uprising; Before the Next Hurricane Hits: Socialist Solutions to Capitalist Climate Disaster; Capitalism Goes to College: A People’s History of Higher Education in the U.S.; Zetkin, Trotsky, and the United Front against Fascism; The History and Politics of Trans Liberation; Beyond Pipelines: The Way Forward for Indigenous Liberation; Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders?; The Theory of the Trade Union Bureaucracy and the Rank-and-File Strategy; Venezuela in Crisis; From “#MeToo” to No More: How Can We End Sexual Harassment and Assault?; Lenin’s State and Revolution; The Making of Black Revolutionaries: Malcolm X and Assata Shakur, and many more.

The conference will be held in Chicago and will run July 5-8. Register before May 25 to take advantage of the early-bird discount. And see you in Chicago!