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Three socialist writers and activists have launched a new podcast called Better Off Red. People are feeling socialism these days – almost as much as they’re feeling the crushing anxiety of mounting debt, climate catastrophe and the rising tide of bigotry and racism. But what exactly does socialism mean today? Co-hosts Jen Roesch and Danny Katch and producer Eric Ruder talk politics and protest with a range of guests to uncover the path to a better world. If the daily struggle with capitalism has you teetering on the edge of existential despair, then this is your indispensable dose of socialist wisdom and hope.

Danny is on the editorial team at Socialist Worker and is the author of Socialism…Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation and How Bad Governments Happen to Good People—both available from Haymarket Books. Jen has been an activist and organizer with the International Socialist Organization in NYC for more than two decades and has written frequently for  Socialist WorkerJacobinthe International Socialist Review and other publications. Eric is also on the editorial team of Socialist Worker.

Each week we’ll bring you socialist analysis, debate and reporting from front-line struggles along with interviews with our guests.

Our hope is that this podcast can bring socialist politics and analysis, interviews with left-wing authors and activists and stories from the many struggles taking place today to a broader audience. To do this, we need to get the word out as widely as possible—and these first few weeks are critical. That’s how you can help. The single most important things you can do are:

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