The wave of teachers’ strikes rolls on!

The historic West Virginia teacher’s strike that began in late February kicked off a wave of teachers’ resistance that is still shaking the halls of public education in the U.S. two months later.

Together, these actions—in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arizona—embody an inspiring alternative to the budget cuts and anti-worker attacks imposed by both Democratic and Republican politicians over the course of years. Since the Great Recession of 2008, teachers, students and parents have been asked to sacrifice—and to keep sacrificing. In the space of eight weeks, teachers have taken their destiny into their own hands, winning wage increases that were unthinkable only a short time ago.

To be sure, there are many battles ahead. But building solidarity (video) and drawing inspiration from the creativity and initiative of a new generation of militant workers, many of whom never imagined themselves on the front lines of such struggles, demonstrate the enormous potential possessed by a united, working-class movement that is unafraid to withhold its labor.

We stand with teachers everywhere fighting for quality public education for all and dignity on the job. Solidarity!