We believe Christine Blasey Ford! Stop Kavanaugh! #MeToo Verses the Senate –Actions and Forums

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual-assault accusations against Kavanaugh have thrown the Senate and the Trump administration into chaos.

A showdown looms over whether to launch an FBI investigation, take public testimony from Dr. Blasey Ford, or to ram through a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Dr. Blasey Ford stepping forward has created exactly the sort of scenario where action on a mass scale in the coming weeks could tip the balance against Kavanaugh, Trump and the Republican right.

None of us can do it by ourselves, but we should all throw our weight onto the scales.

The ISO will be doing our best to participate in the planning of rallies, speak outs, debates and reproductive health clinic defenses.

There is no guarantee that the national wave of disgust and anger against Kavanaugh will translate into mass action on the scale we need to win this battle, but we should show that socialists intend to fight to the best of our ability.

Please join us at one of these meetings and events organized and/or supported by the ISO:

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