We will keep fighting! Defend abortion rights and reproductive justice! Build the #MeToo movement!

Last week, the ISO joined with the International Women’s Strike and many other organizations to call for a day-of-action on October 4 to protest the confirmation of sexual assaulter Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The vile reactionary and abuser was ultimately confirmed over the weekend by a 50-48 Senate vote that ignored the protests of women and survivors of sexual assault all over the country.

Make no mistake, this outcome has dealt a serious blow to the rights of women (and LGBTQ+ people, workers, immigrants, people of color, almost everyone.)

But we have the power to turn this experience of defeat into determination to keep fighting.

And that is exactly what we in the ISO are doing.

We believe that this moment is just the beginning of a new movement against sexual assault and for abortion rights, full bodily autonomy and total gender liberation for all.

Check out these abortion clinic defense projects being organized in New York City, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

And take a look below at some photos and videos of a few actions that ISO branches initiated or participated in last week.

New York City

Check out this video of an action organized by New York City for Abortion Rights and the ISO on October 6 to oppose a church that harasses women outside Planned Parenthood.

Video of a march on the Yale Club on October 1 that was initiated by ISO, Democratic Socialists of America and many others.

More video of the march on the Yale Club.

ISO members and Brooklyn College Student Union engage in a silent protest against misogynist comments by Professor Mitchell Langbert at Brooklyn College Faculty Council on October 9.


Chicago Against Kavanaugh protest organized by ISO and others on October 4.

San Francisco Bay Area

Rally and speak out against Kavanaugh organized by ISO, Young Democratic Socialists of America, UAW 2865 student-worker union, Students for Reproductive Justice and others at Sproul Plaza on campus at UC Berkeley on October 4.
Another photo from UC Berkeley on October 4, the beginning of a march on the Delta Kappa Epsilon frat house (Kavanaugh’s fraternity at Yale.)

Video of the October 4 protest against Kavanaugh marching to support the picket lines of striking Marriot hotel workers with Unite Here union local 2.

Seattle, Washington

Photo of the October 4 protest against Kavanaugh organized by the ISO, Socialist Alternative, Seattle Clinic Defense and others.

Madison, Wisconsin

Student walkout against Kavanaugh organized by the ISO, Young Democratic Socialists
of America, Socialist Alternative and others at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
on October 4.

Portland, Oregon

ISO members table against Kavanaugh on campus at Portland State University on October 4.
ISO members participate in a speak out against Kavanaugh on October 4.

Burlington, Vermont

University of Vermont walkout against Kavanaugh

Los Angeles, California

ISO member against Kavanaugh on campus at Cal State LA.


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