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Socialism: Build the Left, Fight the Right

This summer more than 2,000 leftwing activists and authors met in Chicago for Socialism 2017, a four-day conference aimed at bringing the politics necessary to build the left and fight the right to a new generation of socialists. Visit the Socialism website to learn more. Join us next year! July 5-8, 2018.

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Russia 1917: How Lenin Rearmed

Lenin in Petrograd during 1917

Paul D'Amato, editor of the International Socialist Review and author of The Meaning of Marxism, writes a feature article on the intersection of theory and practice in the Russian Revolution, starting with the return of the Bolshevik Party leader Lenin from exile to Petrograd in April 1917, scarcely more than a month after the February Revolution overthrew the Tsarist autocracy.Read more