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The ISO is building a socialist alternative in a world of poverty, oppression and war. Our organization participates in many different struggles for justice and liberation today, while working toward a future socialist society, free of all exploitation and oppression, and built on the principles of solidarity and democracy. Read more

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  • Sorry not sorry

    This week's column is--of course--a mostly Trump special edition, along with a list of sorry excuses for human beings.

  • Let them eat Quesalupas

    The premier of a new weekly column from SW catches you up on news of corporate super-villains, dairy dumping and--of course--Donald Trump.

Featured at the International Socialist Review

Antonio Davanellos: Reflections on our experience with Syriza

The largest bourgeois newspapers in Greece have not hidden their shameless joy with the profound transformation that Syriza has undergone. The party they ardently fought—because in the eyes of the popular majority, it had represented a radical opposition to austerity and supported every resistance of the masses, even resistance deemed too “extra-parliamentary”—no longer exists. In its place we see the formation of a party with one leader—Alexis Tsipras. This party has swung in the direction of rabid anti-worker and anti-social policies, imposing the Third Memorandum (the first two dating from May 2010 and February 2012), justified in the name of a continued participation within the Eurozone.Read more