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Joining the ISO

By the rules of the ISO, a member is someone who accepts the principles of the organization as outlined in the "Where We Stand" and explained more fully in The Meaning of Marxism, by Paul D'Amato (available from Haymarket Books). Members also agree to abide by the rules and procedures of the organization; pay monthly dues according to a sliding scale structure; read, take and sell Socialist Worker newspaper.

No to War and Austerity: Fight for Socialism
In order for the ISO to grow, we have to convince other people of the need to join the organization. So by joining, members commit themselves to building the organization where they live. If you have joined in a city where there are already other members, you can immediately get involved in local organizing. If you are the first member in your locality, then the first step is meeting people who will also get involved in the ISO. Contact the national ISO at to figure out ways that fit your situation.

The Members' Resources section of this site, also available as the ISO Members' Toolkit (PDF), is aimed at acquainting new members with the organizational structures and basic routines of the ISO.

New members should read the Becoming a Marxist reading guide, a recommended list of readings to further members' Marxist education.