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November issue of Socialist Worker out now

November 2016 front page

The November issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW 's coverage of the 2016 election, featuring articles on: "Does the lesser evil lead to less evil?" "The system is rigged...but not against Trump," "Will President Clinton be lost without Trump?" "Trumpism’s rise and how to fight it" and "Trump of the iceberg of sexual assault."

The back page features the struggle at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline and an interview with teacher Jesse Hagopian about Black Lives...Read more

Attend a socialist meeting in October

October 2016 Public Meetings

Are you fet up with the world as it is and interested in how socialists understand the world in order to change it? Attend an ISO meeting this month to find out more about socialism and how you can help fight for a socialist future.

In the coming weeks we will be updating this page with information about meetings our branches will be hosting. In November, we will also be hosting a series of regional Fall Day Schools in cities across the country. ...Read more

Fall Marxism Day Schools

Trump’s victory comes at a time when recession looms on the horizon; with the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA intent on continuing their wars around the world; and with the threat of climate disaster growing worse by the day. Workers and students will have to fight if we want to change the direction of history. Join the International Socialist Organization at one our regional day schools to discuss how we can win that world. You can find a list of cities and dates for this fall's Marxism Day Schools by visiting this page .Read more

October issue of Socialist Worker out now

The October issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover of this 24-page issue features SW 's coverage of Election 2016. Articles in this special section include: "Will a vote for Clinton stop Trumpism?" "Can Trump get away with his biggest con?" "Is Sanders taking down the revolution?" and "Voting for what we want in 2016."

The back page features the Chicago Teachers Union struggle for a fair contract and public schools, and the issue includes resources for building solidarity for the struggle....Read more

Solidarity with Standing Rock

Stand with Standing Rock placard

The International Socialist Organization stands with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the resistance to a new pipeline project.Read more

Take action in solidarity with Alexandria Shipyard workers before the verdict in their military trial

Solidarity with Alexandria Shipyard workers

On September 18, twenty-six workers from Alexandria Shipyard will find out the verdict in their military trial. Around half of them have been detained in appalling conditions in Alexandria’s overcrowded and filthy police station cells since May, when they were arrested for daring to demand their rights to health and safety at work, permanent contracts for temporary workers, and the payment of overdue bonuses

Egyptian trade union activists are appealing for international solidarity with the shipyard workers before the verdict in their case is announced. Please help spread the word and take action in the week before September 18 following the simple steps below:Read more

Join the Fight for a Socialist Future!—Attend an ISO campus branch fall launch meeting

Join the Fight for a Socialist Future (image of poster)

After the campaign of Bernie Sanders, socialism is at the center of U.S. politics. Capitalism has brought our world to the brink with inequality, racism, war, and environmental devastation. It is clear to a new generation of people that the current system isn’t working, and that we need an alternative.

As another school year begins, the Interational Socialist Organization will be hosting public meetings at universities across the country on why students should join the fight for a socialist future.

In the coming weeks we will be updating this page with information about meetings our branches will be hosting.

If you are not near a branch and would like bring an ISO speaker to your campus, please send us a message through our online contact form and an organizer will get in touch with you to talk about setting up a meeting.

Read more

September issue of Socialist Worker out now

September issue front page image

The September issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover headline of this 24-page issue is: “Capitalism is broken: Why socialism is the answer.” The issue features articles on “What will a socialist revolution look like?” “Making the case for an alternative to capitalism” and “So what would socialism look like?" The back page feature, headlined “There will be no peace unless there is justice,”...Read more

ISR 102 now out—buy it, read it, sell it

Front Cover of ISR Issue 102
This issue of the ISR comes out at a time of political, social, and economic volatility throughout the world: civil war and sectarian violence in the Middle East, social and political polarization in Europe, a contentious election in the United States along with renewed activism around the Black Lives Matter movement, and the growing global threat of renewed economic recession, to mention only some. This issue examines three aspects of these multiple crises—the economic crisis, the Middle East turmoil, and the US elections.

Lee Sustar and Joel Geier examine what has happened to the world economy since the 2007-09 Great Recession and discuss the forces at play that are leading the world into a renewed period of crisis after only just emerging from the last one, despite trillions of dollars of stimulus. As the authors write, “It is a looming crisis that classical Marxist economic theorists would recognize: breakneck competition to build the most technologically competitive factories, a flood of credit to finance the scramble for profits, followed by drop in profits as ever-greater investments yield proportionately smaller returns as too many goods are produced to be sold at a profit.”Read more

Alexandria shipyard workers need your support

Image of shipyard workers holding a sit-in outside a government ministry in Alexandria

More than three years since the military coup that installed the regime of Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian military government has escalated its agenda of increasing austerity, privatization, budget cuts and repression. For Egyptian workers, this has meant price increases on essential services, rising unemployment and stagnant wages.

Since coming to power, the Sisi government has targeted those linked with the 2011 revolution that overthrew dictator Hosni Mubarak, as well the students and workers organizations that developed further during and after the uprising. But despite the repression, Egyptian workers have continued to resist and are rebuilding the organizations that the regime would rather disappear. Over the last year, large protests have taken place, including those organized by civil servants, doctors and high school students.

In May, workers at the Alexandria Shipyard Company staged a sit-in at the port. In addition to protesting deteriorating wages and inadequate safety procedures, workers are demanding payment of promised bonuses, which the company refuses to honor, permanent contracts for 36 temporary workers who should have received them already by law, health insurance, and the dismissal of the company's general manager.

In response to the action, management locked out the workers, and 26 were arrested and summoned in front of a military court on charges of preventing other workers from doing their jobs, as well as halting production, under Article 5 of the Constitution. Supporters are calling on workers internationally to show their solidarity with the Alexandria Shipyard workers as they face sentencing. Here, we reprint a solidarity statement from Egyptian unionists first published at the Egypt Solidarity Initiative website, along with the call to contact Egyptian government officials to demand the release of the workers.

What you can do

Solidarity activists are asking for supporters of the shipyard workers to contact Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi and Minister of Labor Mohammed Safan and call for the immediate release of the Alexandria shipyard workers:

President Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, Office of the President, Al-Ittihadiya Palace, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt; fax: +202-2-391-1441; e-mail: and

Minister of Labor Mohammed Safan, 3 Yousef Abbas Street, Salah Salem, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt; e-mail: .

Send a copy of e-mails to . For more information on the latest repression in Egypt and the campaign in solidarity with its victims, visit the Egypt Solidarity Initiative website .Read more