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We need to build movements

The Democrats’ role as custodians of an increasingly intolerable status quo and their policies to undercut the remnants of the New Deal and Great Society programs, alongside their support for expansive wars of aggressition and mass incarceration, helped set the stage for the disaster result in the U.S. presidential election. As we saw during the whole election season—and as has been confirmed by Clinton and Obama's call for unity with Trump in its aftermath—we cannot rely on the Democratic Party to stop Trump, to say nothing of even more nefarious to the right of him. Only solidarity and struggle from below can stop an aggressive right-wing program from being implemented and reverse the renewed confidence of the even harder Right. 

Whether its building solidarity with Standing Rock and fighting to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline; mobilizing to defend immigrants, Muslims, and refugees who come under attack; organizing meetings on the socialist alternative to capitalism; supporting workers who go on strike; opposing all wars of aggression, no matter who wages thembuilding the anti-Trump protests across the country; or preparing ourselves to counter every instance of bigotry on our campus—if a bigot so much as squeaks, we’ll be there—We cannot wait, the resistance starts now.

“Trump is racist” protest banner
Come to Washington, D.C. to protest Trump’s inauguration

Like thousands of people across the country, the International Socialist Organization will be mobilizing to go to Washington, D.C. to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. As we noted in our statement on the election, “this election does not represent an overwhelming turn to the right in U.S. society. Instead we see a political polarization, in which both right and left are growing.” Find an ISO branch near you and help us organize to dispel any notion that Trump will be president because he received a popular mandate to implement his agenda—and to get organized for the struggle ahead.