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January issue of Socialist Worker out now

January 2017 front page
The January issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW's anti-inauguration coverage, and in the center of the paper, there's a two-sided pullout poster, with "Solidarity Trumps Hate" on one side and a graphic look inside the brain of Donald Trump on the other. The posters are perfect for windows, or putting up on your dorm room door or workplace cubicle wall or anywhere else you want to show your contempt for Trump.

Our anti-inauguration coverage features an editorial on what’s ahead in the Trump era, and analysis of the new right and Islamophobia, and the Trumponomics con job. SW also features a survey of the Obama years and a history of abortion clinic defenses in the 1980s. Plus, we have coverage of the counterrevolution in Syria, and the first installment in a series on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Our back page and coverage inside tells the story of the struggle at Standing Rock, including the mobilization of military veterans taking a stand for justice.

You can read the articles in the current issue at the website. If you would like to order a subscription, you can find out how at the SW website. You can also download a full-size pdf of the front page here.