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February issue of Socialist Worker out now

February 2017 Front Page
The February issue of Socialist Worker is out now and available from ISO branches around the country.

The front cover features SW's coverage of the anti-Trump resistance, beginning with "The Voices of a New Resistance" and "Trump Made America Protest Again," our coverage of the Inauguration Weekend upsurge of demonstrations. 

The back page features more articles on the anti-Trump resistance, including “No Ban, No Wall! Let Them In!" and "The Uprising of the Airports," about Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim executive orders and the mass protest that greeted them.

More coverage inside includes "Socialist Organization in the Time of Trump," “What Does It Mean to Make "America First"?” and “Pushing Sexism Back to the Fringe.” Plus you'll find our four-page Spanish-language supplement Obrero Socialista.

You can read the articles in the current issue at the website. If you would like to order a subscription, you can find out how at the SW website. You can also download a full-size pdf of the front page here.