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Building movements

There is no shortage of movement activity and opportunities for struggle. These struggles may or may not be large, but many of the small struggles taking place today have the potential to develop into future mass movements. And many of today’s movement leaders will become tomorrow’s revolutionaries.

The ISO does not involve itself in struggles just to “recruit” from them and walk away. On the contrary, we aim to involve our members in every opportunity for meaningful struggle in every locality – and we build all genuine movements, whether or not they result in new ISO members. Struggle – and in particular, class struggle – is the only way to advance that aim.

In addition, ISO members adhere to a set of principles that require our members to respond to attacks, however small the response beyond ourselves. These include opposition to imperialist escapades, mobilizations against fascists and the KKK, responding to attacks on the oppressed, and participation in class struggles. More generally, ISO members aim to build strong grassroots movements that can advance the struggles of the working-class and the oppressed, the world over.

At the same time, Marxism provides the only way forward for human society. This recognition requires that we build a revolutionary socialist movement, and ISO members aim to win others to Marxism and to involve them with the ISO’s activities. Building the ISO is never counterposed to building movements. Far from weakening existing movements, a stronger ISO will help to strengthen them at the grassroots.