This downloadable pamphlet, written by Socialist Worker columnist Paul D'Amato, elaborates on the "Where We Stand" statement of the International Socialist Organization. With sections on socialism not capitalism, workers' power, revolution, internationalism, full equality and liberation, and the revolutionary party, it provides an introduction to the politics of international socialism and to the activities of the International Socialist Organization.

Download the "Where We Stand" pamphlet (1 megabyte PDF)

To learn more about the ISO, talk to an ISO member in your city or contact the National Office at contact@internationalsocialist.org.


The New Members Study Packet collects a number of articles that give answers to the questions socialists face. It gives a brief introduction to the ISO and how it functions, then features articles on the case for socialism. Also included are readings on "Leninism, the Revolutionary Party, and the Revolutinary Newspaper," "Marxism and the Fight Against Oppression," "The Russian Revolution and the Real Marxist Tradition" and "War, Imperialism and Zionism."

Download the "New Members Study Packet" (1.5 megabyte PDF)