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Is a Revolution Possible in the US?

No progressive change has ever come without mass struggle. But so long as society is dominated from top to bottom by the wealthy 1%, our advances can be rolled back. We need a revolution, a mass upheaval that replaces capitalism with one based on human need. But is a revolution possible?

Cops, Class, and Race: How Police Protect the 1%

As communities around the nation have taken to the streets in the ongoing movement against police brutality the question of the police and their role in society has taken on new importance. With the police killing a Black person every 28 hours a movement is emerging that challenges the idea of who they protect and who they serve. The very origins of their institution is saturated with racism and violence. From their beginning as a force to quell strikes, urban riots, and the threat of slave insurrection they have always existed primarily as an enforcer for the 1% and a protector...Read more

Why You Should Be A Socialist

The racism of police violence. Climate change. Sexism and homophobia. War. Economic inequality. The injustices of American society stand exposed for everyone to see. Yet, the many apologists for capitalism claim that whatever its defects, there is no alternative to a system that puts corporate greed ahead of human need. We disagree! Come to this meeting to discuss what socialism is and how you can get involved today in the struggle to change the world.